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    Providing Solutions to Customized Chemical Supply.

Continental Chemicals, LLC is a Native-American Owned Corporation dedicated to providing our customers with the personal attention and value added services desired by companies in order to thrive in today's competitive business environment.

Our focus is on building partnerships with customers that have a commitment to Supplier Diversity, derived from either internal corporate policy or as requested by their customer base. This is paramount to our involvement and our ability to be competitive. With the presence of a defined need for additional diverse spend, we dedicate ourselves to identify areas where our programs might maximize efficiency.

We typically target larger volume, usually producer-direct type business, for that has presented us the greatest opportunities to customize supply agreements encompassing services not normally available from the producers themselves. In many, but not all instances, we can supply the same material at the same price available from the producers direct. Please call and allow us to explain how we have been successful in developing these programs. They certainly do not work for everyone, however if there is a need for increased minority spend we are confident we can formulate an approach that would prove beneficial to all parties involved.

With over 30 years in the chemical industry we possess the experience, level of customer service, and the financial stability to enhance your company’s productivity and assist in attaining corporate objectives. .


Thank you for any consideration given Continental Chemicals, LLC.

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